About Us

Guruji Shree B H Acharya is highly experienced and very famous traditional astrologer, the knowledge about astrology he attains from his ancestor. His whole family belongs to the astrology, so he has immense knowledge about how to give remedial solutions. Guruji gives the solution to the individual by predicting the query you asked for. Each and every solution is originally given by examining the astrology figures, nothing is given computer generated. The solution will be provided in both form voice as well as in written copy. Any type of query related with relationship, financial problem, future prediction, marriage compatibility or health related problems Guruji gives guaranteed solution in 5 days.

When a child is born into this world, the planets, the signs of zodiac, it’s pros and cons, the birth star etc influences his/her progress, ups and downs, marriage, the children to be born, home, education, profession, manners, beauty, health, illnesses, enemies, inability to acquire a good job despite of having higher education, inability to attain higher status in job, unable to get good marriage alliances despite of good educational background and job, marital problems, lack of unity, quarrels, problems with children, infertility, not having a home of their own, unable to recover from illnesses despite of giving proper medication; we can see around us people who are suffering due to the above said reasons.

This is where we need to understand the actual importance and meaning of astrology. Our previous life’s good deeds and sins are what determine the positive and negative aspects of our present life.

Astrology is a stream of science that was written years ago by yogi’s or sage in ancient times. It is important for one to bear in their minds that when an individual confronts an issue in their life and they decide to consult and astrologer for the same, they are sometimes suggested with some remedial measures which may work out or may not. But the astrologer is never to be blamed if the solution does not work since it is the individual’s planetary positions in the horoscope that determines his present condition.

Like the saying “prevention is better than cure”, it is important that when a child is born the horoscope is made with accurate details so as to implement the right remedies and make the planetary positions in the horoscope favorable for the child as they grow.


Bangalore Branch:

Asta Lakshmi Astro centre
# 1191 Ragigudda bus stop arch opp road
Above  Apolo  pharmacy  Near
Raghavendra upahara jayanagar
Mob : 8884889444

Mangalore Branch:

Shree Banashankari Jotishy Mandira
Nalapad chembars, Near Kadri
Manjunath Swami Mahadwara,
melgade Canara bank, Kadri
Mallikatte Mangalore
Mob : 9845150507

Hubli Branch:

Shree Lakmi Ganapati Jotishy Kendra
Laksmi complex opp cort circle, Hubli
Mob : 9980884499